Q:What is the THD for our generators?

A: Generators will output an industry standard total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of about 12%-20% depending on load applied. They will produce a sine wave, not a modified or square wave. This is perfectly acceptable for running common commodities found in your home such as TVs, computers, your appliances, etc.
THD is a measure of the deviation of a sine wave from a "perfect" sine wave. All electricity, including power company electricity, has measurable THD.
If you have a specific item that requires less than 5% THD such as a UPS style battery backup, a pellet stove, or high efficiency furnace control board, we recommend purchasing a HEOMAITO Inverter Generator that provides a less than 5% THD.
Please consult your specific appliance manufacturer to determine if the appliance requires low THD (less than 5%) to operate properly.



Q: Are the generators safe for sensitive electronics?

A: Currently only our inverter generators are safe to run sensitive electronic equipment that requires under 5% THD. Our inverter generator models will produce clean power that's safe for sensitive electronics.



Q: Where are our generators made?

A:Our generators will be designed by our engineering team in Chongqing China,a city with one of China's top industrial parks for ventilation equipment and advanced manufacturing power, has a leading edge in generator design and production.Each HEOMAITO's generator is rigorously tested by our engineers before it is shipped to you.



Q: How can I make my generator quieter?

A:HEOMAITO's generators are designed with noise reduction in mind, "lightweight, portable, low noise" is the characteristic of our generators. Our generators are equipped with oversized mufflers to reduce noise as much as possible. The noise generated is due to the engine and not the muffler. We don't recommend the use of any 3rd party muffler silencers to lower noise. Please note that any modifications to the existing exhaust system can void your warranty and violate emission standards.



Q: Do your dual fuel generators include the propane regulator and propane hose?

A:Yes, all our dual fuel generators will include the propane regulators and propane hose needed for a propane tank 60 lbs or less.




Q: What is an Inverter Generator?

A:Inverter generators output produce a pure, clean AC sine wave. Our inverters AC measure at less than 3% THD. That is more stable than most power companies can achieve on a mass scale.
Inverter generators also run quieter with the same load, longer on the same amount of fuel, and power direct AC circuit boards in sensitive items without worry.



Q:How long can my generator run continuously?

A:The generator can run continuously for as long as fuel is supplied to it, but the generator will still need to be shut down momentarily to perform the scheduled maintenance recommendations shown in the generator manual as the maintenance becomes due.



Q: Can I hook my dual fuel generator up to my large home propane tank?

A: Yes, all of our dual fuel generators will be capable of hooking up to a home propane tank as long as your using the original propane hose and regulator provided in the connection, and feeding the generator the correct PSI based on the model. Please see your local gas company or plumber for assistance with the connecting your generator to a home propane tank.



Q: What will happen if the generator gets overloaded?

A: All our DuroMax generators will be equipped with an overload alert technology that will tell you immediately in the event of an overload.



Q: How should I store my generator if I'm planning on storing it for up to 30 days?

Step 1: Move the main breaker to the off position.
Step 2: Allow the generator to run for 3-5 minutes.
Step 3: If running on propane or natural gas simply turn off the fuel source. If running on gasoline shut the generator off by moving the fuel valve to the "off" position and allowing the generator to stall out.
Step 4: Turn the key switch or rocker switch to the off position; or if your generator has a push button start, turn the battery switch to the off position.
Step 5: Add fuel stabilizer and store the generator. Please note do not obstruct any ventilation openings & keep the generator in a cool dry area.